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Background Investigation

Whether you need to check the background of a potential nanny for your child, perform a pre-employment background check for your business, or even undertake a criminal background check, ASAP Legal PI can help you perform the critical backroung investigation research you need to make informed decisions.

A background check — whether to research the history of a nanny, investigate a criminal record or perform a routine pre-employment screening — is a smart and cost-effective way to gather more information about individuals or businesses. If someone else’s past is going to become part of your future, performing a background investigation simply makes sense.

ASAP Legal PI uses state-of-the-art resources and techniques to obtain all types of background information for our clients. Our licensed investigators have been conducting background checks since 1988. Police and government organizations trained many of our background check specialists. In fact, we take our own advice when hiring new employees; all our investigators have passed the most rigorous background checks.

We have the extensive experience needed to conduct quick and reliable background checks for you in the areas of employment, business, personal matters, insurance matters or legal concerns. Our specific background check specialties include:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Business Background Checks
  • Nanny Background Checks
  • Due Diligence Investigation
  • Pre-Employment Background
  • Dating / Lover / Pre-Marital Background

Our background check investigations may include more than 18 aspects of the subject’s past, such as employment history and criminal and civil records.

Deciding to use background checks prior to any hiring is not devious or pessimistic. It’s ethical, legal and wise. And, in today’s world, it’s more important than ever. Background checks can save you a lot of money and time. Why make uninformed decisions about your future when you don’t have to?
Background Check Fee: Call for Quote. Turnaround time: 2 to 5 working days.

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